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Divine Life


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The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will


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Life in the Divine Will

 T ry to make everything you do into a prayer.

Holy Communion

  “Receive Communion in my Will, repeat what I did, and in this way you will not only repair everything, but will give Me to all as I intended to give Myself to all, and will give Me the glory as if all had received Communion. My Heart feels moved in seeing that, unable to give Me anything from her own which is worthy of Me, the creature takes my things, she makes them her own, she imitates the way I did them, and to please Me, she gives them to Me…The acts in my Will are the simplest acts, but, because they are simple, they communicate themselves to all. The light of the Sun, because it is simple, is light of every eye – yet the Sun is one. One act alone in my Will, like most simple light, diffuses itself in every heart, in every work, in everyone – yet the act is one.”

Our Lady's words

  I am the Bearer of Jesus, nor does He want to go anywhere without Me, so much so that when the priest is about to pronounce the words of the Consecration over the Holy Host, I make wings with My Maternal Hands so that He descends by means of My hands in order to consecrate Himself…”

Devotion to Jesus and Mary in the Divine Will

  My daughter, I am always with Jesus, however at times I hide in Him and it seems that He does everything as if He were without Me, instead I am within, I concur there together, and I am aware of what He does.  Other times, He hides in His Mama, and He makes Me act by Myself, but He is always concurrent together with Me.  Other times We both unveil Ourselves together, and the souls see the Mother and the Son who Love them so much, But be certain that if My Son is there, I am; and that if I am, My Son is.”

Sharing in God's Beatitudes

  Jesus says to Luisa:  “My daughter, the more truths I manifest to you, the greater variety of beatitudes I give to you as gift. Each truth contains within itself a distinct beatitude, happiness, joy and beauty … when the soul is in her Fatherland in Heaven they will be like electric wires of communication through which the Divinity will unleash from Its womb so many acts of beatitude for as many truths as one has known. ….  Do you believe that all of Heaven is aware of all my goods? No, no! Oh, how much remains for It to enjoy, which It does not enjoy today! Each creature who enters into Heaven, having known one more truth, which was unknown to the others, will carry within herself the seed so as to have new contentments, new joys and new beauty unleashed from Me. And these souls will be their cause and fount, while the others will take part in them. The last day will not come if I do not find souls who are disposed, so that I may reveal all my truths – so that the Celestial Jerusale

Knowledge of the Gift of Living in Divine Will

  Jesus  tells Luisa:   “These Truths will form, according to their knowledge, the different categories of the souls who will Live in My Will.  One Knowledge more, or one less, will make them rise or stay in the different categories. Knowledge will be the hand to boost them up to the higher categories-it will be the very Life of the Fullness of My Will within them.”  The more knowledge you have of the Divine Will, the more power the Gift has. Jesus tells Luisa,  “Every time I speak to you about my Will and you acquire new understanding and knowledge, your act in my Will receives more value and you acquire more immense riches.”  He likens this to a man who, possessing a gem but unaware of its value, gets it appraised and realizes it is worth millions of dollars. This knowledge essentially makes the man richer, even though he already had the gem before. So too with us; our gem – our pearl – is the Gift of the Divine Will.

Forget Self

  Jesus tells Luisa that  “Not thinking of oneself, but thinking only of Me, and only of loving Me, whatever the circumstance, is light for the mind and forms a sweet divine enchantment.” And “Thinking of oneself is the same as going out of God and returning to live in oneself. Moreover, thinking of oneself is never virtue, but always vice, be it even under the aspect of good.”

Idle talk

  One thing especially that makes Living in the Divine Will impossible is mundane, idle, vain, worldly conversation. Jesus says,  “One who talks much shows that he is empty in his interior, while one who is filled with God, finding more taste in his interior, does not want to lose that taste… he tries, as much as he can, to impress in others that which he feels within himself. On the other hand, on who talks much is not only empty of God, but with his much talking, he tries to empty others of God.”

Complete Detachment

C omplete detachment also means being detached from even thinking of ourselves. First of all, this means complete detachment from the past; our own past, or others’ pasts. Jesus says to Luisa,  “the thought of the past is really absurd-it is like wanting to claim Divine Rights.”

Detachment and emptiness

Jesus expects us to be completely empty of everything that is not Himself. He says to Luisa:  “My daughter, the sun is symbol of grace… as long as there is empty space and a little opening through which to penetrate, it enters and fills everything with light… it does not enter but into empty hearts… these voids, then – how are they formed? Humility is the hoe which digs and forms the void. Detachment from everything and also from oneself is the void itself. The window in order to let the grace of light enter into this void, is trust in God and distrust of ourselves”

Have Courage

 Jesus tells Luisa "I n one day a courageous soul does more than a timid one does in one year.”


  Jesus says to Luisa,  “banish every fear, if you do not want to displease me.”

Jesus explains what happens at the "Point of Death of a soul"

  “So, one day the walls fall down, and she can see with her own eyes what they had told her before.  She sees her God and Father, Who Loved her with Great Love;   Everything disappears; the only thing that remains present to her is in that room with fallen walls: Eternity….My Goodness is such, wanting everyone saved, that I allow the falling of these walls when the creatures find themselves between life and death-at the moment in which the soul exits the body to enter Eternity-so that they may do at least one act of contrition and of Love for Me, recognizing My Adorable Will upon them.  I can say that I give them one hour of Truth, in order to rescue them.  O, if all knew My Industries of Love, that I perform in the last moment of their life, so that they may not escape from My more than Paternal Hands-they would not wait for that moment, but they would love Me all their life.”


  Jesus tells Luisa,   “I love so much that souls be with Me in full trust. Oh! how many times, because of lack of trust, my designs and the greatest sanctities are blocked. This is why I tolerate some defects rather than distrust – because those can never be so harmful.” Jesus also says:  “My daughter, the souls who will shine the most, like bright gems in the crown of my divine mercy, are the souls who have more trust, because the more trusting they are, the more they give space for the attribute of my Mercy to pour into them all the Graces that they want. there is no worry that they may feel ashamed or afraid; rather, they become more brave and take everything in order to love Me more. Therefore, trusting souls are the outpouring and the amusement of my Love – the most graceful and the richest ones.”   So what does it mean to trust if it’s not a feeling? It means in part refusing to willfully submit to any fear whatsoever.

Constancy in Good

One of the traits which Jesus most consistently tells Luisa is a sign that one is not in the Divine Will is a lack of constancy, because it is an inversion of God’s own Immutability, and the soul who lives in the Divine Will must have the same qualities that God has.   He says:  “Someone else is patient on certain occasions; be they even serious sufferings, he looks like a lamb that does not even open its mouth to lament. But with another suffering, maybe smaller, he loses his temper, he gets irritated, he swears. Is this perhaps the patience whose root is fixed in my Heart? Certainly not. Someone else one day is all fervent, he prays always, to the point of transgressing the duties of his state; but another day he has had an encounter a little disappointing, he feels cold, and he abandons prayer completely, to the point of transgressing the duties of a Christian – the prayers of obligation. Is this perhaps my spirit of prayer, as I reached the point of sweating blood, of feeling the a

Meditating on The Hours of the Passion

Meditating on the Passion is the most powerful way to know God’s love for us. And the best way to meditate on the Passion – and it is even more than meditation – is to prayerfully read Luisa’s Hours of the Passion that Jesus gave to her. If you are attentive in reading that, you cannot leave doing so without being powerfully reminded of God’s love for us. So please keep the Hours of the Passion handy, and read it regularly. Consider that Jesus promises Luisa the salvation of a soul for every word of these Hours of the Passion that you prayerfully read in the Divine Will!   Jesus tells Luisa:  “If the soul remembers my Passion twenty, a hundred, a thousand times, so many more times will she enjoy Its effects. But how few are those who make a treasure of it! …All the remedies needed for the whole humanity are in my life and passion. But the creature despises the medicine and does not care… that which saddens Me the most is to see religious people who tire themselves out in order to acqui

Remember Jesus' Passion

  Jesus tells Luisa:   “Do you want to know why Adam sinned? Because he forgot that I loved him and he forgot to love Me. This was the first seed of His fall. Had he thought that I loved him very much and that he was obliged to love Me, he would never have decided to disobey Me. So, first love ceased, and then began sin…  This is why, in coming upon earth, the thing to which I gave greatest importance was that they love one another as they were loved by Me, in order to give them my first Love, to let the Love of the Most Holy Trinity breathe over the earth.”   So what is the best way to remember – because the memory is the beginning of every good, as Jesus says –how much God loves us? The Passion.

Most acceptable Charity to God

  “The charity most acceptable to Me is toward those who are closest to Me, and those who are closest to Me are the purging souls …And how pleasing to my Heart one who interests himself with them. “The second charity most acceptable to my Heart is for those who, though living on this earth, are almost like the purging souls – that is, they love Me, they always do my Will, they interest themselves with my things as if they were their own. Now, if these are oppressed, in need, in a state of sufferings, and someone occupies himself with relieving them and helping them, this is more pleasing to my Heart than if it were done to others.” …if a sinner were oppressed, in the midst of a misfortune, and one occupied himself, not to convert him, but to relieve him and help him materially, the Lord would be more pleased if this were done for those who are in the order of grace.”


  Jesus tells Luisa:  “My daughter, the sign to know whether one has true charity is that he loves the poor. In fact, if he loves the rich and is available for them, he may do so because he hopes for something or obtains something, or because he is in sympathy with them, or because of their nobility, intelligence, eloquence, and even out of fear. But if he loves the poor, helps them, supports them, it is because he sees in them the image of God, therefore he does not look at roughness, ignorance, rudeness, misery. Through those miseries, as though through a glass, he sees God, from whom he hopes for everything; and so he loves them, helps them, consoles them as if he were doing it to God Himself. “

Sweetness and Peace

  “I do not want this restless heart. Everything in you must be sweetness and peace… I love this sweetness and peace so much, that even if it were about something great concerning my honor and glory, I do not want, I never approve, resentful, violent, fiery manners, but rather, sweet and peaceful manners… If one speaks about or deals with things, even of God, with manners that are not sweet and peaceful, it is a sign that he does not have his passions in order; and one who does not keep himself in order, cannot order others. Therefore, be careful with anything which is not sweetness and peace, if you do not want to dishonor Me.”

True Charity

  “true charity is when, in doing good to his neighbor, one does it because he is my image. All the charity that goes out of this sphere cannot be called charity.”

Purity of Intention

" I do not look at the greatness of the works, but at the intention with which they are done. Here is all my attention.”

Divine Life and Divine Food

  “My Divine Will is light, love is heat. Light and heat are inseparable from each other, and form the same life… My Divine Will is life, my love is food.”  He said,  “my daughter, there is nothing that can surpass Love…”


  My daughter, the more things of which the soul deprives herself down here, the more she will have up there in Heaven. So, the poorer on earth, the richer in Heaven; the more she is deprived of tastes, pleasures, amusements, trips, strolls on earth, the more tastes and pleasures she will have in God…. So, one who leaves the earth, takes Heaven, be it even in the smallest thing. Therefore, it follows that the more one is despised, the more he is honored; the smaller, the greater; the more submitted, the more dominant; and so with all the rest. Yet, of the mortals, who thinks of depriving himself of something on earth, to have it eternally in Heaven? Almost no one.”   Even if the thing you do not have is something that you haven’t willfully and specifically chosen to deprive yourself of– but rather, it’s something that God simply hasn’t blessed you with– then still offer that up. Simply offer your Fiat to God regarding whatever is lacking in your Earthly life, and you receive a thousand

The Cross reveals who we are

  Because the Cross and the Cross alone reveals who we really are. Everything else – and that truly means everything – even the Sacraments, can be “loved” without true love existing in the heart. So our reaction to crosses tells us who we are with certainty. Jesus said to Luisa:   “My daughter, it is really so, the cross alone is that which makes one know whether he really loves the Lord – but a cross carried with patience and resignation, because where there is patience and resignation in crosses, there is divine life. Since nature is so reluctant to suffering, if there is patience, it cannot be something natural, but divine…On the other hand, in the other things, and even the very Sacraments, cannot give the certainty of the cross. “  He also said: “ My daughter, it was not my works, nor my preaching, nor the very power of my miracles that made Me recognized with clarity as the God I am, but when I was put on the Cross and lifted up on It as though on my own throne – then was I recog